Shell Rock Hay Auction


Sale Results 4-13-2019


                  Total # of Lots:234             Total # of Consigners:58


  Small Squares:3054

 Big Square: 286

                          Big Rounds: 320                        

Next Auction: April 27th, 2019


Our Auctions are the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.

 Another great day for a hay auction, and we had big volume again this week.  Producers are finally comfortable that Winter is mostly behind us and hopefully in the near future we will have pastures to put livestock on.  We are seeing more of the earlier cutting hay as is expected, and less of the 3rd/4th cutting hay.  Demand was down slightly so prices are steady to slightly lower, mostly on the utility or rougher hay that would be best utilized by grinding and mixing.  We still have a six weks till new hay and unless we get some warm weather pastures are going to be a while before they will have sufficient grass to have livestock turned out.

    Want to remind people the prices we report sometimes have a wide range, this is reflecting bales size and quality.  We sometimes see a wide variation in bale sizes.

   **Priced by the bale

       Small Squares

  • 1st cutting....$5.50 (100)
  • 2nd cutting.... $4.50-$7.00(706) 
  • 3rd cutting....$5.50-$8.10(773)
  •  4th cutting....$6.50-$8.10(132)
  • straw...$3.00-$3.60(200)
    • grass....$2.50-$6.60(941)


      oathay....$N/A ()  

    • Big Squares    sold by the bale 

  • 1st cutting....$72.50(12)  
  • 2nd cutting.... $70.00-$80.00(145)
  • 3rd cutting.... $75.00-$85.00(57)
  • 4th cutting...$85.00(24)  
  • grass....$60.00-$70.00(50) 
  • cornstalks....$15.00
  • straw...$20.00-$25.00 3x3(18)
  • New seeding $()

   Big Rounds    sold by the bale or by the ton if noted

  • 1st cutting....$92.50-$105.00/ bale (53) 
  • 2nd cutting....$65.00-$115.00 (56) 
  • 3rd cutting....$80.00-$120.00/ bale (68)
  •  4th cutting....$()
  • grass....$75.00-$140.00/ bale (105) up to $150 a ton
  • cornstalks...$15.00-20.00(16)  
  • straw...$() 
  • Oathay...$(10) up to $140 a ton