Shell Rock Hay Auction


Sale Results 6-8-2019


                  Total # of Lots:87             Total # of Consigners:28


  Small Squares:1025

 Big Square: 88

                          Big Rounds: 128                        

Next Auction: June 22nd, 2019


Our Auctions are the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.

 We have finally got some decent weather to get the 2019 haying season underway.  We had a nice offering of hay at Saturday's Auction. A little smaller crowd than we have seen for a while but it is to be expected with the Nice weather and new crop entering the market.

The New crop Rounds were selling for $150-$180 a ton

Big Squares sold well with limited Offering $85 a bale

Small Squares $3.00- $5.50 

    Want to remind people the prices we report sometimes have a wide range, this is reflecting bales size and quality.  We sometimes see a wide variation in bale sizes.

   **Priced by the bale

       Small Squares

  • 1st cutting....$3.00-$5.50 (525)
  • 2nd cutting.... $4.50-$5.50(115) 
  • 3rd cutting....$7.00-$9.00(108)
  •  4th cutting....$7.00(56)
  • straw...$3.60(10)
    • grass....$3.50-$5.00(225)


      oathay....$N/A ()  

    • Big Squares    sold by the bale 

  • 1st cutting....$85.00(12)  
  • 2nd cutting.... $70.00-$87.50(12)
  • 3rd cutting.... $75.00-$85.00(12)
  • 4th cutting...$()  
  • grass....$45.00-$70.00(52) 
  • cornstalks....$
  • straw...$()
  • New seeding $()

   Big Rounds    sold by the bale or by the ton if noted

  • 1st cutting....$75.00 bale (59) Up to $180 a ton
  • 2nd cutting....$65.00- $80.00 (26) 
  • 3rd cutting....$90.00-$100.00/ bale (8)
  •  4th cutting....$()
  • grass....$70.00-$80.00 (35)
  • cornstalks...$()  
  • straw...$() 
  • Oathay...$()