Shell Rock Hay Auction


Sale Results 7-24-21


                  Total # of Lots:86       Total # of Consigners:26


  Small Squares:1568

 Big Square: 80

                          Big Rounds: 115                  


Next Auction: August 14th, 2021


Our Auctions are the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.

 The volume over the lat several auctions has been fairly minimal, The dry weather in our area has people, reluctant to sell hay until they know they have enough for themselves.  The quality of the hay has been very good overall, but the humidity in July has made it a bit of a challenge to get 2nd cutting as dry as they would like.  


Small Squares $4.50-$6.50  up to $7.00

Big Squares $70.00-$80.00  

big Rounds $80.00-$100.00  

    Want to remind people the prices we report sometimes have a wide range, this is reflecting bales size and quality.  We sometimes see a wide variation in bale sizes.  Generally speaking our round bales are usually 5x5 rounds with an average weight of around 1200 lbs.  Most of the big squares we sell or 3x3's and are usually 6-7' feet long (650-700 lbs)

    **Priced by the bale

       Small Squares

  • 1st cutting....$4.50-6.00 (324)
  • 2nd cutting.... $5.50-$6.00(426) 
  • 3rd cutting....$()
  •  4th cutting....$()
  • straw...$2.50()
    • grass....$3.50-$6.00(400)



    • Big Squares    sold by the bale 

  • 1st cutting....$70.00-$80.00(30)  
  • 2nd cutting.... $70.00-75.00 (36)
  • 3rd cutting.... $() 
  • 4th cutting...$ ()  
  • grass....$65.00() 
  • cornstalks....$ ()
  • straw...()
  • New seeding $()

   Big Rounds    sold by the bale

  • 1st cutting....$75.00-$95.00(30)
  • 2nd cutting....$80.00-$95.00(16) 
  • 3rd cutting....$()
  •  4th cutting....$()
  • grass....$70.00-$95.00 ()
  • cornstalks...$ () 
  • straw...$()  
  • Oathay/ Millet/ Rye...$80.00(20)